Baseline emotion. Ever looked it up?
There are no cute memes for it.
There aren’t even any cute graphics for it.
But oooooohhhh…. the difference it makes.

My outlook on life has pretty much always been a glass 1/2 full…
And even when the glass feels 1/2 empty, I keep in mind that the dang thing is refillable and this too shall pass.

Of late, however, I’ve noticed that my baseline emotion has taken a definite upswing.
I feel it on a daily basis –
In everything from waking up with a smile on my heart to the constant presence of music and dancing in my home to laughing as the curtain rod comes crashing down on my head….

Today, however, was a test.
Lots of adulting had to happen.
Things beyond my control tried so hard to take hold.
And stress was a real thing.

Did I get frustrated?
Was I aggravated?
Dang Skippy.

But after only 1 foot stamp, venting to those closest and most willing and able to love me through it, and shedding a tear or two, I can honestly say I am OVER IT.

And not in the sassy way….
And I guess that’s the difference.

I’m over it – over it.
And in a way that feels calm and well and good.

I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling…. And #thensingsmysoul