You’ve seen it on t-shirts & bumper stickers:  Life’s a beach.

Memories of a walk on the beach at sunrise puts it all into perspective. 


It is many things.

And, yes…. Life is a beach!
It’s the beauty of the sunrise — sometimes glowing golden, sometimes backlit & bashful.

The sound of the waves — sometimes soothing, sometimes crashing.

The sea breeze in your hair — sometimes simply perfect, sometimes …well… a bit much.

Life is the grandparents who come down to the beach early to set up the perfect spot for their families.

Life is the kids who sleep on the beach.  On the sand, in the car, on the toolbox (!).

Life is the dad determined to cook breakfast for his son — but going to Plan B when things don’t work out.

Life is the family dogs frolicking in the surf and always just one step away from catching a bird.

Life is the runner – counting the miles and making the goals.

Life is the couple sipping coffee and studying their devotionals.

Life is the meanderer making her way slowly down the beach – snapping photo after photo while her head & heart sort through everything therein.
Life has highs — the glorious beauty of the beach, the love and laughter of good times shared with friends & family, the treasured walks alone.

Life has lows — the trash on the beach, the sunburn if you forget to reapply, the jellyfish.
So, yes.

Life’s a beach.

When it’s good. It is so, so, so very good.

And when it’s not, we simply must remember what to do.

Pick up the trash, dust off our feet and step back into the beauty.

And it’s all good again.
Then sings my soul…