I thought I might write about my private dance party in the car on the way to school this morning.

Then I thought I might write about the sticky note on one student’s answer document marked “Boogers?”

But then lunch happened and I found myself caught in a pop-up rain shower 1/2 a block from my destination, and I thought I might write about that.

Or the (resulting) look on my friend’s face when she stopped me mid-sentence and said, “Is it really humid?   Your hair is kind of …… uhm…..big.”

Or the mixed blessing of saying goodbye to a character of our town while visiting with so many other friends I’ve not seen face-to-face in far too long.

But then I came home,
Walked through the house,
And flipped on the light in the bathroom.

And the geckos were there!!!!!
….and they’re just so dang cute!

And there’s the slice!

….then sings my soul.