It had been too long.

Far, far, far, far,  FAR too long.

Too, too long…..

         Since I’ve had danced my way down the frozen food aisle.


Ever noticed how the lights come on as you walk down the aisle?

It’s as if it’s your very own runway.  Your very own catwalk!

The ice cream. The broccoli. The waffles…  All of it just waiting for you to approach. 

And when you do???


It would be rude, really, to not reward such adoration with SOME sort of recognition.  Some sort of appreciation.

       Plus there’s the 80s music playing throughout the store, you know….

                     and so I dance!

And as I dance, I smile. And I sing. And the worries of the world fall away.

Now.  This doesn’t happen every trip. (Sadly.)

The music has to be playing.

And most importantly,  the lighting must be right… and the lighting is ONLY right if the aisle is empty and waiting for you. 

I MAY have, on occasion, waited for the lights to go out…  Just maybe, I’ve stalked families to calculate their departure from this sweet aisle of mine…  It could be that I did that today, in fact.  

Could be….that I danced my way down this icy red carpet … singing “Sweet Chiii-iii-iii-iilll-d of miii-iii-iiine” a little more loudly than I should.

Could be… they were playing my song!