You know those Facebook surveys you can put out there for fun?  The “how did we meet?” or “describe me in one word that begins with your first intial” kind of thing?  Well, I did one the other day.   I can’t remember the exact working,.but the gist of it was “name something that I love.”

And you know what?

My people know me!  Whether we’ve been friends for years or have only met virtually through friends of friends… my Facebook peeps KNOW me.

The beach. Sonic tea. Herons. My kids. The grands. My friends.  My family by birth,.by marriage, and by choice. BOB-FM. 80s music. The cranberry apple salad at Schlotzsky’s.  Long walks. Relay. HOPE. Sunrises. Sunsets. Birdsong.

The list goes on and on.

And you know what?

I. Love. That.

Happiness is people who know you and love you in spite of it all. 

Happiness is connections through a silly survey via social media.

Happiness is knowing our people and the things that connect us to one another.

Happiness. Is.

It simply IS…. wherever we choose to see it.

Then sings my soul….