The rains cleared.  The clouds parted. And I had my walking shoes in the car.  Perfect prelude to musings on a Walk in Town.

On a walk in town…

There’s birdsong aplenty and redbirds in flight.

    And birdsong makes my heart sing.

There’s the older gentleman in his cowboy hat walking his fuzzy lapdog in the yard.

        He tips his hat and says hello.

There’s the white winged doves who keep watch over the cemetery,

          And the quiet calm that only a loop through the headstones, trees, and tributes can hold.

There’s the smiles and waves from folks known and new.

     So much so, I smile and nod at each car…. just in case.

There’s honks and waves from at least a half a dozen more –

      But not the creepy kind.  

The “Hey there!  Long time, no see!” kind.

The “Go, Krista, go!” kind.

The “It’s a gorgeous day to be out!” kind.

There’s the banging of the screen door…

      And the teenaged boy telling his mom “I love you.” on his way out.

Each of these things – and so much more.

…On a walk in town.

                  Then sings my soul….