This Little Light of Mine…  I’m gonna let it shine.

It’s a song from childhood and Sunday school.  A song for every VBS in town.  And a song I find, as an adult, reaches far beyond a single meaning.

We’re called to shine our lights, I believe,  on the good things of the world- to highlight and showcase and sparkle upon that which is the best of humankind, of nature,  and the many incredible ways one impacts the other.

But we’re also called to shine our lights in the darkness. 

To shine out against the evils of the world – the plight of the needy, the fight against disease,  the inhumanities that seem to rise all too often these days…

            …and more.

But, specifically tonight,  this little light of mine shines for reasons both illuminating the good, and calling out the bad.  It shines in preparation and anticipation. 

It shines in HOPE.

In memory of all loved ones stolen too soon by stupid cancer.

In honor of all who are now or have ever heard those 3 dreadful words “You have cancer.”

But most of all… in anticipation.

Of one more kiss.  One more hug.  One more wave “hello.”

One more bedtime story.  One more bubble bath.  One more midnight snack.  

One more missed curfew, missed turn, missed call — because LIFE was happening and that was more important.

I Relay for LIFE and for LOVE…

And for HOPE.

Hope…that one day cancer becomes scarce, early detection is the norm, and those “one mores” will happen for more and more.

         …..and more.

Stupid cancer.                 I hate it.

But HOPE….?

              For HOPE, my little light shines.   Tonight and every night.

…because Relay is my way to DO SOMETHING in the fight.  

Relay = Hope = This Little Light of Mine. 

And then sings my soul.