On this,  the last day of Spring Break, I stole a few precious moments in one of my favorite places:  under the wine bottle arbor.

I love this spot for all the reasons you’d imagine… and then some.

I love it for the beauty of the sun shining through the colored glass.

I love it for the respite of shade from the grape vine and honeysuckle.

I love it for the very “coolness” of its existence. 

Most of all, I love it for how it came to be.

We bought a camper, you see, and it came with a mattress…

That was AWFUL.

And so, being from the country and all, I threw it on the brush pile and burned it one gray, drizzly day.

But, of course, springs don’t burn.  

So there I was – left with the skeletal remains of an awful mattress…

And, being from the country and all, I decided to repurpose it!!

          …as a wine bottle arbor!

The Hubs thought I was a little nuts, but when I came in the house with measurements, he made a wise choice and played along.

We went to town, got the lumber, and got to work – planning as we went.

The corner posts as 4 x 4s and we used strong slats to frame and support the springs. 

“What are you putting in it again?” He asked more than once.

Wine bottles.  Lots and lots of wine bottles.

“But do you drink enough wine to fill it up?”

Just wait and see.

This is where it gets good.

I put out a call to my family and friends for wine bottles — because he’s right.  I do like my wine,  but I don’t drink it all that often.

And the wine bottles started coming!!

Friends started saving their bottles and sending them my way.

They met me in the HEB parking lot with bottles.  Dropped them off on my mom’s porch in town.  Sent word with their husbands to tell my husband they had bottles for me.   Saved up a stash in the corner of their counters….

Best of all,  friends brought wine over to share…all in the name of the future empties, of course.

Whether I’d sipped from the bottles or not, I still gained from the connections.

And it was all good.

Several years later, I’m still adding to the arbor.  

And each bottle brings with it the memory of good times shared – both directly and otherwise.

And this makes it a good place.  A happy place.  A lovely, loving place.

And then sings my soul….