Kids these days.  MY kids these days…

My GOODNESS, they make me proud!!  Both so fit.  Both so strong.  …both inside and out.

The Boychild – who rinsed before the pic – is 25.  After “wandering” a bit post high school, he found his calling as a licensed massage therapist.  His passion?  Helping people heal physically and psychologically through Thai massage.  It’s not rare for me to get a call after his shift as he shares the goodness of his day.  He feels a connection to his clients, and they to him.  When they feel better, he feels better.  Such empathy… such growth… such beauty.  And I couldn’t be more proud.

His spiritual and physical wellbeing has been a focus and strength for years.  And he wears it well.

2 months ago, while healing from an adult tonsillectomy, the Girlchild – now 22 and an early graduate with a Biology degree and limitless potential but undeclared goals –  decided to join the Boychild for  full Tough Mudder in New Orleans.

She’s got a tremendous character, a healthy stubborn streak, and has always been strong, but a focus on fitness is relatively new.  As she’s discovered her physical strength, she’s uncovering the power of making and conquering goal after goal.  Her immediate future holds an internship at a National Wildlife Refuge where she’ll work with her hands in the dirt to make a difference for our planet.  

Her calling is different from her brother’s, yet somehow the same.  They will both — ARE both — changing the world, making it a better place, a healthier place.

And on this day — the day they conquered 10+ miles and 20+ obstacles in New Orleans — a muddier place.

And I couldn’t be more proud. 

Then sings my proud Momma soul…