When the Girlchild makes dinner, it’s a colorful affair.  Organic rosemary on the chicken and oh!!! the fresh veggies sautéed in olive oil.  The only reason we have rice is because the Hubs made a special request – and that much I made, because the chef put her foot down.

“You can have it, but I’m not makin’ it!”

She ate it though…  and it was good.

Seeing her colorful plate – so healthy, so nutritious, so SMART – 

Seeing how the zest and vibrancy of the meal was complimented by the simple white rice –

….set me to thinking.

Throughout her 22 years, she’s been a colorful creature. 

Her hair – strawberry blonde.

Her eyes – hazel with golden flecks.

Her freckles- sprinkled across her nose, her cheeks, her body – as only angel kisses could be sprinkled.

Her wardrobe – particularly during her early teens – VIBRANT!

Even now, her taste leans toward the artsy side,  but more now with texture and pattern.

But she’s always done well with a side of “white rice.”

“White rice” takes many forms…  

It provides a base for the flavors, a foundation for the adventure, a launching pad for whatever the next challenge may be.

And often my role is to provide the “white rice” – now more than ever – as she prepares to tackle a full Tough Mudder in NOLA, take her GRE, and head off to North Carolina for an internship at a National Wildlife Preserve far, far, far from home.

“You can have it, but I’m not makin’ it.”

And she shouldn’t have to.

As her Momma, I’ll make the rice. 

 I’ll say the prayers for guidance and safety.  I’ll prepare her for launch.  

I’ll be the compliment to her colorful plate.  Her adventure.  Her life.

To see her plate – so healthy, so conscious, so SMART…

Oh yes.  Then sings my soul.