He’s many things, the oldest stepson of mine, but attached to “stuff” isn’t one of then.  He absolutely, positively is NOT the kind to hang onto something for sentimental reasons…

Unless it’s this.

10 years ago, as the rest of us swung between bursting with pride and worrying for his safety, my grandma started crocheting….

and as she crocheted,  she prayed…

With every stitch, she prayed for his safety, his strength, and his courage. 

With each row, she covered him with prayers for his safe return.

Every stitch was made in prayer.  Every.  Single.  One.

Until this afghan was complete…

Just in time for his first deployment with the 101st Airborne.

Through 2 deployments, through changes in careers, through the birth of his son, through the challenges of life…

Through it all, he has been covered by her prayers.  Covered by the prayers she prayed… with Every. Single. Stitch. 

And now he’s moving to a new place.  He’s creating a home for himself and his son.

And he sent this picture with a note: “All packed!”

You know what?  He’s right. He’s got it all covered because Gigi has him covered.   

10 years and counting….

Then sings my soul.