Because life…and love…is in the little things.

Tonight, I sat at an ever growing table of friends at the Hubs’ favorite establishment –

Ever seen Cheers? If so, you get the picture!  Just picture the peeps at a table instead of the bar.

And noticed amongst the laughter an undeniable undercurrent of love.

Would the Hubs ever call it that?  Not on your life… but I know love when I see it!

To my right, a couple who mark 10 years together on Wednesday – and are getting married!!  On Wednesday!!  There’s such excitement as the group talks about the celebration to come…

And, yes.  I know.  That’s love out in the open.  Even the Hubs would have to see that!

Across from me, a couple married 38 years.  She – best friend of the bride-to-be and an absolute hoot – is telling stories about the Bachelorette trip 4 of the gals went on last weekend.  So much laughter!  So much joy!  The whole table joins in….

Where there’s laughter, there’s love.

To my left, though,  is a more quiet fella with a quick, dry wit.  He’s got so many great stories and is a tremendous friend,  but he’s got a lot on his plate right now…  His proverbial plate.  So much so, in fact, that he’s been forgetting to use a REAL plate.  In the midst of packing his house for a 200 mile move, he hasn’t been eating, and we’re all a little worried about him.

Worry, too, comes from a place of love…

and so, I invite him to share my  plate…  

“Oh no, Krista,” he said, “I can’t eat your food.”

“You need to eat something, Honey,” I countered, but I could see he’s hesitant.  I don’t want to force the issue….but I’m Momma enough to do it anyway. 

I pushed my plate in between us and took a bite.  I may have made the univeral mmm-mmm-mmm sound of goodness before handing him my fork.

Who can resist the universal mmm-mmmm-mmm of goodness, afterall??

“You have GOT to try it.  Just a bite.” … all while passing him the fork. 

“You’ll share your fork with me..?” He hesitated only a split second before accepting it from my hand.

I nudged the plate closer to him as I assured him “you betcha!”  <pause> “I’ll tell ya’what.  There’s no way I can eat all this.  You start on your side, I’ll start on mine, and we’ll meet in the middle…”

…because I’ve learned a thing or two as as momma and teacher…

A friend across the table winked at me.  Her hubby handed me a fresh fork.  And just like that – our friend ate his first real meal of the day. 

Because love sometimes comes by the forkful.

Later, as I circled the table giving goodbye hugs, he whispered in my ear. “I know what you did….  Thank you.”

Then sings my soul….

Because life…and love…is in the little things.