What a wonderful day it has been!  From start to finish, it was filled with goodness, win-wins, and Selfie-worthy moments.

<top left> Getting dressed today, I put on my beautiful Kendra Scott earrings- a gift from my beautiful step-girl and her family. The occasion was special:  a Kendra Scott trunk show benefitting Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society in the fight against stupid cancer.  Selfie-worthy as an “ad” for the show on social media!

                   That’s a win-win!!

<bottom right> At lunch today, I had 5 minutes on the mic to talk about Relay at a neighboring community’s Chamber of Commerce.  Connected with several folks who’ve lost loved ones and/or have loved ones fighting now – and they want to join the fight.   Selfie worthy in celebration of sharing the passion and finding strength in one another. 

                   Win-win #2!!!!

<top right>  My “hair” for the event.  Purpled out in honor of Relay and the tremendous HOPE it represents.  Reactions ranged from “Wow!  You could totally rock short hair!” to “Puh-lease tell me you didn’t cut your hair!!!”  Selfie worthy for all the reasons!  

                         Win-win again!

<bottom left> The final moment of the night.  After 4 hours of confinement in the wig, my hair literally SPRANG out with joy!!  Selfie-worthy for just that!  Plus I had to share it with another long-haired friend because I knew she’d get a giggle out of it.

               Sure enough:  Win-win!

And in between it all, I counseled and visited with dear women who’ve faced impossible times and are now flourishing, learned some very important aspects of my job, got to meet new people and hug the necks of folks I’ve not seen in far too long,  and raised a pretty decent chunk of change for the ACS.

Yep. This day is a win…  Then sings my soul.