One of the blessings of life on the ranch is the arrival of calf season.  It happens every year, and every year it leaves me breathless in anticipation and in joy.

15 years ago, I married into the ranch life…

…and the Hubs learned that calves are supposed to be named.  

He balked at first, but soon accepted this new tradition….except for the bull calves.  I’m still not supposed to name the bull calves.

         …but sometimes I do!  Shhhh!!!

Luckily, the bulk of our cowbabies are heifers this year.  Little girls with loads of personality.

In one pasture we have Bandit, Belle, and Little Red – calves from our first time Mommas.  

            There’s also a big ol’ bull calf who may secretly be named Big’un.  Shhhh!!

In the other you’ll find Peanut Butter – with his Momma, Butterscotch, a Hereford-Charlois cross with a mind of her own and a history of raising beautiful calves.  With this pair are several more…who are not yet named.

Often times, I know the names of my beloved cowbabies at first sight.  Sometimes, though, it takes me a while…  I need to get to know them a bit, I guess. 

The two in the picture above were born across the road.  I didn’t get to see them until they were a few days old, so it took a little while longer….

I got to see them regularly just a week and 1/2 ago…  and I’ve sure been studying ’em since we moved ’em over!

I snapped this shot on my way down the driveway this morning.   The reason was two-fold….

Reason 1:  They’re too stinkin’ cute!

Reason 2:  I know, now, who they are:  SwissMiss & Molly. 

SwissMiss – for her beautiful Swiss lace markings. 

Molly – just because.

SwissMiss and Molly.

The very sound of it makes me smile.

And, yes.

Then sings my soul….