A year and 1/2 ago, my precious grandma had 3 bad falls in just a few short weeks.  It signaled the need for a change…

And that change was difficult. 

She left her home – and her independence – and moved 100 miles North.

She left her Senior Citizen’s group, her church,  and her sewing machine….

and she moved into a nursing home. 

No more cooking.  No more cleaning.  No more sewing.  No more laundry.  No more days and nights alone.

…no more falling in a house by herself. 

She knew it was time.  We knew it was time.  

But I don’t think any of us were really ready….  least of all, Grandma.

The move was tough.

The adjustment was tougher.

She got sick.  She got tired. She got sad.

But then… she got better.

Her routines, nutrition, and medications all stabilized… 

And she started to feel better.

She started smiling more, laughing more, doing more…

and she started seeing the blessings of this move. 

And the greatest of these is love.

My parents visit several times a week.

My aunt’s there every day, at least once a day.

And I visit once a week to do nails and/or dinner.  

Here lately, my daughter (the Girlchild) comes along.

The greatest of these is love….

Tonight, my aunt, uncle, Girlchild and I gathered for dinner with Grandma.  She wasn’t feeling well when we got there.

Her pulse was 41.


She didn’t feel like moving much, but we bundled her up and out and down the hall…

…and we ate our meal.  Together. 

The greatest of these is love….

After dinner, we did her nails.

The Girlchild filled a plastic tub with warm water and held it in her lap so Grandma could soak her nails.

I trimmed, clipped and filed ’til she studied her hands and smiled….

The greatest of these is love….

We ended our evening reading from Phillipians in a mini-Reader’s Theater.

Then we held hands as we said the Lord’s Prayer.

She started in a voice that wavered, but grew stronger with every word.

The greatest of these is love….

And then — oh then — sings my soul.