I knew it was coming….

I’ve been expecting it, really.

I saw it come for my husband.

I’ve seen it come for many wonderful friends.

I’ve joked about it plenty.

But still, I wasn’t prepared.



How is it possible,  when I’ve still been known to look around the room for the adult….only to discover it’s ME?

How is it possible, when I’m starting a new career…okay…It’s after 27 years in my first…but still!

How is it possible when my kids are only … oh, wait. They’re grown-ups. 

(And how is THAT possible?!?!)

How is it possible that 50 is so near?!

(Coming soon to a birthday near you!)

And lookie there!  I can get a free insulated travel bag if I register soon!

But here’s a funny…. the only options for payment are check or money order (!!).  I pay everything via online billpay and/or credit card!  

           Surely that means I’m too young for this!  


No matter how old (or how young) I feel, the time has come….

                   I’m eligible for AARP.

There.  I said it.

And you know what?  It’s okay.

(Well, almost.)

The good news is this:  I’ve got 6 weeks to get my check or money order in the mail so get my free insulated travel bag.

*sigh* AARP.

It’s weird.  But it’s all good.  (I think.)