No, really.

I poked myself in the eyeball with a Stick tonight while clearing 6 giant wheelbarrow loads of dewberry vine out of 2 future Spring garden beds.

When it first happened, I had the moment of I-am-never-again-going-to-be-able-to-open-my-eye,  but then adrenaline kicked in and I finished clearing the plot… albeit with one eye mostly closed.

But adrenaline has fled the scene.

And my eyeball hurts.

A lot.

I’ve done the eyewash thing, the eyedrop thing, and now…it’s time for the eyes closed thing.

…with any and all profound (or mundane) musings on the day put aside.

Except this:  Don’t ever, ever, EVER poke yourself in the eyeball with a stick.  That sucker hurts!