In 1972, when my dad accepted a call to 2 country churches outside of a small town in Central Texas, I doubt he – or anyone – could ever have predicted the hold that town would have on our hearts.  Yet here we are 45 years later….  My brother and I grew up here.  I’ve raised my kids here and dedicated 27 years to the school district here.  My parents have retired here. It’s HOME – in all caps and bold-faced font.  

My hometown, Elgin, TX, is growing.  And with growth comes growing pains. And with growing pains come worry and stress and uncertainty….

But what remains constant are the people, the kindness, the compassion…

The commitment to one another.

The support….

This town shows up.

Time and time again, our town has come together to support one of its own – be it a benefit for a person facing medical issues and the bills that entails, a fundraiser for the local fire department, a dance raising money for our graduating seniors, or an ag show and country fair.  This town shows up.

And how.

Just this morning, I was reminded again of the passion and commitment of our town.

This Saturday morning,  we woke up to rain.  Not the hard-pounding stuff of a worrisome storm, but the slow drip-drip drip that is simply perfect for sleeping in….

But we didn’t sleep in.

One of our own, you see, had worked so very hard with her family and friends to put together a 5K benefitting JDRF – a Super Hero 5K, no less.  Her commitment to fight the disease her youngest son battles daily inspired her… and that inspired us.

So we didn’t sleep in.

We bundled up, layered up, and dug out the ponchos and umbrellas.

…and we showed up.

Because that’s what we do. 

We clustered under pop-ups and dumped the water off when the rains had been too heavy.

We laughed and we talked and we wondered about the rain.

But most of all — we were there. Together. 

Because our town shows up.

…and 2 minutes before race time, the clouds parted, we gathered at the starting line and we made our stand for #TypeNone💙.  

Because that’s what we do.