As we enter the Lenten season, I’m in reflective mode to be sure… but not about what I can give up.  Instead, I’m thinking more about what I can “take on.”

I’m far from unique in this, as a quick Google search would support, but it’s a concept as unique to each person as the person herself.

As the world swirls around us in more madness and mayhem than any of us like, it strikes me that this season is the perfect time to be conscious and deliberate in one simple thing:


The simple kindnesses of human interaction…. 

It seems just that – simple.  Yet at the same time,  it’s profound.

What impact could we make if each and every one of us took the initiative to be kind?





Kindness is something that I strive for every day, but this is something different…something more… Deliberate. Intentional. Relentless. 

“Taking On Kindness” at this heightened level – be it in ways large or small could have tremendous impact on our world…

The immediate impacts will be easiest to see.

The smile returned by the person you pass on the street…

The gratitude of the neighbor whose chores you assist…

The appreciation of the person who receives the card in the mail…

This list goes on and on and on…

But the impact, I believe, would go so much further than that.

For kindness ripples…. and as it ripples it grows… and as it grows it spreads… and as it spreads it blossoms…

and — slowly but surely — I sincerely believe this simple fact: Intentional, deliberate, and relentless KINDNESS toward one another could really and truly make the world a better place.

What better time to “take on kindness” than the Lenten season?  What better time than today?  Right now?  This moment?

What have we got to lose…?  And how much more would we stand to gain???

And so… I’m “Taking On Kindness” this Lent.  My goal is to consciously conduct at least one purposeful kind act per day.   

And I’ve got no plans of putting it down….