My life as an educator has been so full…
Full of challenges.

Full of fun.

Full of learning. 

Full of kiddos.

Full of deadlines.

Full of books, and of numbers, and of writing. 

…and full of friendships. Full of family.

The power of shared experiences, shared obstacles, and shared celebrations is an incredible glue…

It binds us together.  As friends.  As a united force.  As family.

Together we’ve always been stronger.  One for all.  All for one.

But every year, we’ve lost members.

Every year, members of the family have moved on — 

To new schools, new towns, new adventures.  

Every goodbye, paving the way for next hello.

This time of year has always been the time I secretly dreaded.  As a long standing member of my school family (26 years!), I’d had to say so many goodbyes….  

(Which is how I came to see each Goodbye as a chance for the next Hello….. self-preservation from the sadness!)

Last year was hardest of all.

I had to say goodbye to my entire school family….mid-summer….via email.

Ugh. Not a happy moment in my life.  

Not. One. Bit.

But now, here I am:  Human Resources Coordinator for my home district.  And loving it.

Funny how life works.

For now I find myself on the verge of Spring recruitment.

I get to go out and meet our future teachers…  I get to meet, greet, and visit with teachers across the state.  Looking for those who will add to the goodness of our schools, recognize and develop the goodness within our students, and contribite to the goodness of our community. 

I’m recruiting future family members!  I’m making those Hellos!

And that, my friends, is wonderful.

Then sings my soul….