Here it is…. March 1st.  Time for the monthly writing challenge.  Time to post.  Time to read.  Time to share.  Time to grow.

It’s been 11 months since I’ve last written in earnest.

11 months….and a lifetime.

Since I last shared here, I’ve had a change of career…

…and I wasn’t sure if I had words to share anymore.

My soul still sings.

I still stop in awe and wonder at the world around me.

I still treasure those moments of the heart.

I still “get it.” 

 … but I’m not a teacher anymore.

And that makes me wonder, worry and question…

Am I still a writer?

Do I still have things worthwhile to share?

Are my musings still current?

I get it…

                   But do I have it?

And so I’m here tonight. 

 With my first post of this year’s challenge…

and I’m calling it Under Construction. 

‘Cause that’s exactly what I am:  Under Construction.

And, yes…. then sings my soul.