And all of who I was is now part of who I am….
The big eyed baby,
The chunky thighed  toddler,
The little girl totally in awe of the people, places, and things around her.

All of that is part of me.
not all….
because the blessing of life is that those things continue.
Every. Single. Day.

Big eyes to take it all in.
Strong legs to carry me forward.
And a heart so in awe of the beauty in the world….
The people.
The places.
The things.

On this, my 49th birthday, I give thanks for it all.
The blessings,
The challenges,
The highs,
and the lows.

For while I might not always enjoy the moments,
(and goodness knows there are some I’d just as soon never have experienced)
I know they make me who I am.

And who I am is blessed beyond measure.
My family is flourishing.
My friends lift me up.
The wonders of Nature – God’s blessing to us all – stop me in my tracks on a regular basis….

Then sings my soul….

(See?  Still the big eyes and firm foundation!)