Because, really.
Isn’t everything better in a cape?

Doesn’t every woman need a Wonder Woman shirt….complete with a cape?

This picture is from the Super Hero 5K in my hometown.
A fundraiser benefitting the fight against diabetes. 
Type None, is their mantra.

The best part of it though?
It’s organized by one fierce momma.

Her son was diagnosed with diabetes and she didn’t just get mad,
she took action.
And this, the 2nd annual Super Hero 5K, is the result.

In this, their 2nd year, her oldest son, who started his own food trailer,
And her grandson who, as a preschooler, wanted to do something and set up a lemonade stand,
Served as official sponsors.

And I think that speaks volumes.

Not only of the determination of this momma in the fight against the disease attacking her son,
But also (and most notably?) of the strength and determination of this family….
Lead by their momma.

To defeat whatever obstacles come their way.
It’s a message — a strength — a triumph.

And although I’m the one in the cape,
Jodie Lopez deserves her very own.

In fact, all moms everywhere,  who fight on behalf of their kids…
These are the ones who deserve the cape.

In fact….
All moms, everywhere.
All moms deserve the cape.

And, really….
Isn’t everything better in a cape?