Tuesdays with my Grandma.
I always know I’ll enjoy our time,
But I never know what our time will hold….

This evening,  her nails were just as vivacious as they were when I left her last,
So we looked to a new way to pamper.

“Have you got a needle in that bag?” she asked.
“A needle….? Nope.  How ’bout tweezers?”

“Even better,” she laughed.
“I’m getting mighty woolly!”

And so,  by the light of her reading lamp
I showed her my love as I unwoolied her chinny-chin-chin.

And I can’t help but smile….

You see,
Long ago, I asked the Girlchild of mine to promise me that when I’m old and can’t handle the tweezers to take care of my chinny-chin-chin.
And she promised she would….

Love by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin.
Guess it’s a family tradition…..

Then sings my soul….