A week or so ago, the camera on my phone developed this weird and random bullseye shadow.
For some, this may not seem like that much of an issue, but for me….
It’s an ISSUE!!!!!!

After trying every trick in my book…
And every trick in the AT&T guy’s book….
It was decided I needed to go online and file a claim.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Because that’s when it happened:


You know the one?
The one who can’t figure out what button to push,
What link to click,
Or  even WHERE to begin.
the one who is absolutely hopeless in all things technological.

The website, alone, kicked me up in age a few decades.  After proving in 3 different ways that I am not, in fact, a robot,  it STILL kicked me out and posted a smug little suggestion that I try calling their 1-888 number.

So I did.
Only to be regaled with the recorded message that fast, friendly service was awaiting me….on the WEBSITE.


Luckily, the voice that ultimately answered was, in fact, friendly and helpful, and we got the replacement phone ordered.

That wasn’t all that bad, was it?
But wait….there’s more.

The phone arrived in just a few days
And that was good.

It’s a newer version of the old phone I love.
And that’s good too.
The camera is EVEN BETTER than my S5.
And that’s GREAT!

But I could not figure out how to get the stinking SIM card into the dang slot!

Sure. I got it open…
The little hatch slid right out and all.
But how the heck did that micro-thing need to fit in there????

I tried several times, then resigned myself to the truth.


I called the Girlchild and asked when she was coming home….
(Pitiful, right??)
Not until Easter…? Oh….
(Definitely pitiful!)

So I did what anyone would do.

I packed it all back in the box,
Placed it carefully on the counter,
And ignored it for the next 5 days.

But then today came and I got the 3rd reminder email that I needed to send my old phone back to the insurance peeps.


Time for that old lady to pull up her big girl panties and try it again.

Sure enough!
My strategy worked.
5 days of careful counter-sitting had “fixed” whatever it was that kept me from being able to figure out the SIM.

First attempt = TRIUMPH!

Then came the data transfer….

And I. Became. That. Old. Lady.

I read the instructions.
I installed the apps on both phones.
I hovered over the Q-code.
I synchronized and stood by…..

And after a solid hour of “transfer”……



So I gave it a break.
Walked up to the pasture and tried a modified counter-sitting technique.

It’s with quite a bit of pride that I can say….
It worked!

I figured out how to transfer contacts via Bluetooth and even got 322 of my 4,000+ pictures to make the move!

Not perfect, but progress!


I finally got brave enough to reset the old phone to company settings because I was sure I’d figured this thing out.

But I had not.

And. That. Old. Lady. Was. Back.

And this time she — I mean I (!) — called in the big dogs.

When the new phone wouldn’t recognize the (dadgum) SIM,
And the fast, friendly website didn’t recognize it either,
And the support number rang in offices that closed 4 hours ago…
I didn’t text,
I CALLED the Girlchild!

I needed more than Tech Support.
I needed Teen (well 21) Support!!!

She held my hand, virtually, and did a Google search on her end while I clicked around on mine.

First number:  busy signal.
Second number:  internet tech service only.
Third number: …… didn’t matter…

I found Live Chat,
All on my own!!

And after 10 minutes with my new best friend, Brian,
(and a reminder that the numbers on microSIM cards are reeeeeeaaaallllyyyy tiny) my new phone is activated!

And this old lady is calling a WIN!!!!

Then sings (texts, and calls) my soul!