Please go away,
I have so much to do.
I can’t finish a task
Without an aaahhhh aahhh aaaachoo!

This pressure you put
On my head, ears and eyes
Is something I simply
(Absolutely) despise!

My hair hurts.
My skin hurts.
My teeth feel not right…
I’ve a feeling there’s Vicks on the agenda tonight.

But for now,
I’ll aacchhoooo!
I’ll sniffle and cough
And I’ll find a way to shake you right off.

For the sun — it is shining.
The breeze is just right.
My To Do list goes nowhere…..

No. Wait.
That’s not right.

The sun – it is shining.
This much is true.
And my To Do list is waiting.
That’s true too.

But this girl?

She needs a NAP!
Aaahhh…. aaahhh….CHOO!!!!