I opened my drawer and realized something today:
My GOODNESS can you tell a lot about a person by what’s inside the desk drawer….

The Sonic salt, napkins & straw?
That’s a given.
I have an addiction…
And I embrace it!

Hot pink Sharpie?
But, of course!

HEBuddy School Glue?
Sometimes you’ve gotta go old school.

Heavy duty Hall’s cough drops?
‘Tis the season….

Cool school supplies?
I confess.
I still get giddy at the back to school sales and office supply clearance shelves!!

But at the heart of it all is the piece most precious….
Most dear….

At the heart of it all is a piece of my history,
My past,
And my future.

At the heart of it all is the Avon manicure set.
A gift from Margaret Magnuson….
Who herself was a gift.

Our Avon lady.
She’d ring the bell right on schedule.
Mom would stop what she was doing and sit down with Margaret in the living room…
And together, they would ooh and aaah over whatever Mom had ordered before and the treasures in the new catalog.
It was a BIG DEAL to be able to sit with them.
On the white couch.

Loved those days.
Loved Mrs. Margaret.
Love my mom….
Treasure those times…..

In 1985, in celebration of my high school graduation, Margaret gave me this manicure kit.
And it was the PERFECT gift.

Still is, in fact.

This kit has been a part of my drawer ever since….
From dorm to apartment.
From apartment to first teaching position.
Through 25 years of teacher desks….

It’s always in my drawer.
Always there when I need it.
Always where I can find it.
Always within reach.

Just like the memories of those treasured visits on the couch…

Then sings my soul…..