22 years ago, I was 23 hours from knowing what absolute, pure and total love was….

Little did I know the depth of emotion,
The rawness of being,
The POWER of love that is possible….
The love of a mother for her child.

Josh’s arrival wasn’t easy and included more than a few scary moments.
The heart monitor would slow so greatly….
And as it did, our hearts raced in worry.

The nurses said, “Honey. Let’s get you on your side….”
Then contractions started in earnest and we ALL got busy!

With the help of modern medicine, we got my boychild here and I finally heard his cry…

As Tears of joy and relief ran down my face, the nurses patted my hand and told me I’d done well and came to remove the support from beneath me that held me on my side.

Only it wasn’t there.

In the rush to get him here safely, neither nurse had put the support in place.

But I had known I needed to be in that position to bring him safely into the world…. So I did it.
Epidural and all.
I assumed and held the position….

I later explained that if it meant he needed to be delivered through my TOENAILS, I was gonna do it!!

In the past 22 years there have been so many times my boychild has needed me…
Sometimes I’ve known what to do.
Often I haven’t.
There’ve been times I’ve managed to do it “just right”
And times I’ve done everything wrong
But always – ALWAYS – I’ve loved him.
Always – ALWAYS – I’ve tried.

And through it all, he is my boychild. My love. My son.

He’ll be 22 in just a few minutes by the calendar…
He’ll mark 22 years since his first breath at 10:54 pm…
I’ll mark 22 years of motherhood at the same time.

It’s not always been easy, but it has always -ALWAYS – been worth it.

I love you, Babe.
I’m proud that you’re finding your way, your voice, and your passion.
I’m proud that you’re “getting it done”…
I know you’re a man of 22, but you’ll always be my boychild.

That’s a momma’s love.
Then sings my soul….