Laugh Lines.  Life lines.

I took this picture, in that space and in that moment, during my sunrise walk on the beach because my heart was so full….

I had spotted a Great Blue Heron – perched serenely on the beach marker, stretching first his neck, then his wings, reminding me of our journey a year ago.

To my right were 2 doves. TWO DOVES!! Right at home on the beach – although I know I’ve never seen doves here before – and they took my breath away!

To my left was my surf side companion this day. A sandpiper. Yet another wounded creature, stepping out, moving forward. He is strong. He is determined. In this moment i know it is true: He will survive!

All of these things, amidst the beauty and majesty of God’s handiwork in the sunrise….

Then sings my soul.

Now. Hours later. I revisit the shot.

I couldn’t see the details of my SELF in the pic ’til now.

My hubby and girlchild have just driven away, leaving me at my beloved beach.
So now, in THIS moment, it’s just me….

And time to reflect.

Now, in this moment.
It’s just me.
And I have time to look.

The first thing I see is the peace and joy.
Thank you God, for the peace and joy.

Then I see the Mother’s Love earring — somehow highlighted against my hair.
Mother’s Love.
Always and forever a part of me.
The love I have for my children.
The love my mother has for me.
The love we Mommas have for each other and for this world.
Thank you God, for Mother’s Love.

And then I see the laugh lines.
The life lines.
The creases around my eyes that are a testimony to the many smiles I’ve smiled, the many laughs I’ve laughed, the many sunrises and sunsets that have been greedily taken in by my eyes – and sent directly to my soul.

The laugh lines.
The life lines.

There — in the middle — are the tiny furrows from those many times I’ve worried.
The times my heart has done its crazy dance between being afraid to beat and racing to catch up.
The times that I’ve been afraid – so very afraid – for my children, for my loved ones, for my life….
The times I have cried with my heart completely broken.
The times I have cried with my heart relieved.
The times I’ve cried….

The laugh lines.
The life lines.

Thank you God, for them all.

Then sings my soul…