Oh my…
Know that feeling when you put down a book with regret and thanksgiving?
Regret because you’ve come to the end.
Thanksgiving because the book has touched you in your soul.

Oh my….

I just finished the healing (lower case intentional) by Jonathan Odell.

It’s a book I picked up on a whim at the airport.
It was a splurge!
Yep!  I paid full price.
But MY GOODNESS was it worth it!

This book is all about STORY and the many fine threads that weave us all together — past, present & future.  Told from the perspective of a freed slave mid-wife, this tale captivates from beginning to end.

And, yes.
I connect! I, a blue-eyed blonde from Central Texas, CONNECT!

Shouldn’t we all?

As I sit here, continuing to mull over the words and their images from the pages of this novel, I am struck not only by the power of STORY, but by the very nature of the story that binds us all.

We are all one people.
One family.

The power of story has held families together throughout out the ages. Every family has their designated keeper of the stories. The teller of stories weaves us all together -pulling past, present and future together through shared memories and experiences, through the laughter and tears. Through the STORY.

And if we all come together as one, we find that our family stories weave in, out, about and through each other…. Bringing us ever closer together. If only we open our eyes and see.

The story of creation. The story of our history. The story of our past. The story of our future. The STORY.


Isn’t it incredible to reflect upon your story, my story, OUR STORY?

What was that game? 7 steps to Kevin Bacon? The game illustrated the point that we’re all connected if we take the time to connect the dots.

I suppose that’s the urge I feel pulling me now. The urge to connect the dots….


I finished devouring the book with tears in my eyes — completely and fully engaged — and
completely and fully feeling the irony that, on my way to nurture others in tapping the
power of their story, I should pick up a book that reveals so clearly the power, the nature, the NEED for story.

Then sings my soul….