On this whirlwind weekend of travel & hope, it’s chicken poop that’s got me thinking….

Yesterday morning, travel clothes on, I made one last stop in the chicken coop to check water and feed.
Nothing unusual. Blackie puffed up, Little Miss scurried & and the three of us did our little dance.

And then.
Just like that.
I was on my way to the airport on my hope-journey.

Everything proceeded just fine.
The folks at check-in were good-natured and helpful when I confessed I’d not flown in a few years.
The people around me while we waited to go through security were all relaxed and friendly (not always the norm).
All was well.


The checkpoint!

I took off my belt, emptied my pockets, loaded my stuff in the bins, then took off my shoes….



You know that new-fangled x-ray thing they have now?
And the position one must assume…?

Now. Add those things to chicken poop.
What do you get?


A SERIOUS case of the giggles!!!!

Oh my. Yes. THE GIGGLES!!!

And so.
I got to thinking.

How many stories — how much chicken poop — were on board that plane?
As many (as much?) as there were people.

In life, we all step in the chicken poop.
And yes, we probably carry a bit with us.
But — if we’re lucky, it’ll give us a chance to giggle, grow and smile at the world around us with the full and complete knowledge that the poop is part of our story, too.