Seven years ago, I started a journey that has forever changed my life:  I became a Relayer.
I ventured onto the track not completely sure that I belonged.  Sure, I had lost friends and family to cancer.  Sure, I knew that cancer was a beast and I HATED it.  Sure, I was all about community.  But how on Earth could all those things come together for 12 hours on the football field..?

I didn’t wonder for long!

The tenets of Relay For Life say it all:  Celebrate!  Remember!  Fight back!

Through Relay, I celebrate all who are battling or have beaten this stupid disease.  I remember all who are lost too soon — stolen from friends and family by a beastly disease that takes far too many forms and far, FAR too many lives.  I stand strong with my community – THIS community — the community I LOVE — to do all in my power to FIGHT BACK!!!

Through Relay, I learned to tap into, embrace and share the spirit of HOPE that makes miracles possible.

Through Relay, I became a part of that HOPE.

And it has changed my life.

I was asked recently if I still did “that cancer thing.”. 
“You’d better believe it!”. I replied.
“as long as this stupid disease keeps trying to kill people I love, I will DO THIS CANCER THING!!”

I’ve said more than once, “you never know whose life you may be saving….”. On June 13, 2012 I found out just how close to home that statement would hit.

I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was lucky.  It was early.  It was contained.  And my doctor and I were of one voice when we said, “Let’s get it OUTTATHERE!!!”

Here’s the kicker:  the advanced testing that made my early diagnosis was developed through research funded by American Cancer Society.  The very organization I have worked so hard to support was directly responsible for saving my life.

Whew.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I used to think I was passionate.
I used to think I was committed.
Now I KNOW what that really means.

To all who have Relayed in the past or supported those who Relay – I thank you.  I thank you for saving my life.

If you’ve never been a part of Relay, I urge you to find the nearest community event and join in. I promise — you WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Let’s band together and save some lives!!!!!!