“Strong work.”

I heard the words 10 days ago in an entirely unique and unrelated circumstance, but they’ve set up quite the echo….

Strong work.

Isn’t that the goal for us all? I mean, really. Does anyone want to do WEAK work??

Not this chick!

And so — my resolution on the board for all to see at the neighborhood gym declares it so: Strong work.

STRONG WORK — for my body:
Making the appointments.
Committing to putting myself high enough on the list to get the exercise I KNOW I need.
Taking the supplements I’m so good at buying but pretty crappy at consuming.
Eating my veggies!!

STRONG WORK — for my mind:
Really, truly investigating my options professionally.
Reading for work.
Reading for play.
Challenging myself to become more organized….
While building in time for faffing!!

STRONG WORK — for my soul:
Breathing deeply.
Saying “thank you” often.
Loving completely.
Laughing out loud.
Giving thanks AGAIN.
Following my passions.
SHARING my passions….


Strong work.

Strong. Work.

At the core of it all: strong work.

Then sings my soul….